The next phase in the evolution of the event ticket

A secure, transparent blockchain ecosystem for the event ticket sales industry


The Ticket Market of Today

High tech speculation in the form of online ticket bots now accounts for a significant portion of primary market ticket purchases, siphoning off profits from artists and event producers.
Overpriced tickets in secondary markets push targeted consumers out of the market.
Organizers lack control over how their tickets are sold, resold, or exchanged, and often have no idea of the identities of people who attend their events.
Duplicate or fraudulent tickets are widespread, frustrating consumers.

A vision for the future

The ticket transforms into a secure digital asset validated by the blockchain, eliminating fraud. empowers the organizers as well as the official distributors or ticketing systems to control the ticket throughout its lifecycle. Authorized users are able to regulate ticket sale, re-sale, and exchange while managing payments, fees, and commissions, from the initial release to redemption at event entry. ecosystem

Released via the ICO is the key that unlocks all transactions in the system. It is a utility token which contains a smart contract, giving organizers complete control over ticket sale, resale and exchange as well as regulating payments and any commisions or feet at any point in the ticket lyfecycle.
17 496 598$turnover
96 resellers
940 organizers
Tickets Cloud
sold 809 364 tickets
smart contract
ticket operators
ticket operators
Buyer – the visitor can buy tickets using cryptocurrencies, TKT tokens or fiat money. Even buying tickets in the secondary market, visitors can be sure that the ticket is unique. Crypto tickets can’t be faked, their entire history (from the time of issuing, all resales, ticket status valid or not) is absolutely transparent for all market participants.
Tickets Cloud – organiser signs up at Organisers can work With an unlimited number of resellers all over the world. No need To divide ticket quotas – all resellers will have access to all tickets via API. The project goal is to connect organisers and resellers, and create dynamic ticket pricing algorithms like in other markets.
Tickets Chain – any ticket system requests for tickets creation in tickets chain. The smart contract contains rules for the particular set of tickets. Every agent can connect to tickets chain.
Tickets Wallet – visitors will see in the mobile app or convenient ticket operator website full information about ticket availability. No need to check tickets on different websites or emails. Visitors will be absolutely confident in ticket authenticity and transparency of pricing. Also they will be able to store, share and receive tokens.
Tickets Wallet
After the purchase the smart contract sends the crypto.ticket to a unique personal wallet in the Tickets Wallet App.
When attending an event shows the ticket’s QR-code in the App which is scanned and the entry system makes a record on the blockchain that the ticket is used.

Investing in future value

A fixed supply of TKT tokens and volume growth in transactions with platform adaption will increase demand, putting upward pressure on TKT value, offering early buyers significant upside.

The Crowdsale

This ICO will fund development of the blockchain platform with TKT tokens as the means of exchange for all transactions, voting and loyalty programs.


Tickets Cloud LLC - venture seed $300K
Developed: back-end, front-end, open distribution platform 1.0, ticket sales widget 1.0
2015 launched

100 contracts / 50,000 tickets sold

Developed: Deals and Analytics: deals, showroom, event admission control 1.0
Tickets Cloud LLC - Venture Seed $600,000

300 contracts / 200,000 tickets sold

Developed: CRM, UTM analytics, cloud box office 1.0, event admission control 2.0
Tickets Cloud LLC - Venture Seed $700,000

400 contracts / 550,000 tickets sold

Developed: multicurrency, multilanguage, solution for theatres, ticket sales widget 2.0
2017 August-September
Tickets Wallet MVP launched in App Store and Google Play
Launched prototype powered by Ethereum
2017 October
Tickets Cloud UK Expansion starts
Tickets Wallet development development
H1 powered by EON
H2 v.1 release
Decentralized ticket system release
H1 v.2 release
Availability to place tickets in the secondary market
H2 v.3 release
A2 got A2 Rating from Digrate

Fraud rate Low

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